German road silent Founded in the 1850s, specializing in providing a full range of industrial process control valve, the main products: valve, reducing temperature relief valve, pump protection valves, high-voltage station control valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators Wait.
We adjust the gas, water and steam, it is a professional manufacturer of fluid control equipment.
The company is headquartered in Germany near Hanover, zane Hagen and has eight production plants in Europe, an assembly base in China, product sales around the world, and all over the world with service agencies. Production control valve products cover a lot of energy, to become a partner of many chemical industry, power industry, oil refining industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the iron and steel industry.
The company's product range is based on a modular system, enabling customers to combine various valves of different drives.
Our control valve products in accordance with DIN and ANSI standard design and production. Products have passed the ISO9001 and TUV certification.
Mo Road has become the world's innovation, development and high-quality representatives!

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